Do you run a business that needs and uses disposable packaging or products? We assume the answer is yes, because they are needed almost everywhere. Consider replacing plastic packaging with compostable alternatives if you want millennials to continue spending money in your establishment. Gone are the days when protecting the environment did not matter to companies. Today, healthy environmental practices are more important than anything to the average consumer. Everyone wants to be part of creating a greener planet that is constantly under threat from various types of pollution and bad practices of reckless companies. You have probably encountered many discussions about biodegradability and composting, but do not know how you can use them to benefit your business. It is important to note that any additional packaging or food product you use in your business has a better compostable alternative, which will take 180 days at most to decompose completely in favourable composting conditions. Composting conditions include oxygen, humidity, heat and the presence of microorganisms. The compost material will be converted into water, carbon dioxide and various nutrients that benefit flora and fauna in many ways. So what are some of the benefits of using compostable and disposable packaging in your business?


In addition to benefiting the local community in terms of better products and employment opportunities, the sole purpose of business management is to make a profit. You will, however, only make substantial profits if you significantly reduce operating costs. By investing in composting products instead of traditional disposable plastic products, businesses save money in many ways. For example, the cost of disposing of green products is far lower than the price charge by landfills, assuming that your business has the task of disposing of its waste products throughout the city. In addition, plant and organic products are cheaper than oil-based packaging, as the price of fuels always fluctuates.


Wouldn’t you like to be part of creating a new clean world for the next generation? Well, composting products are made from natural organic substances, such as renewable plant materials. In other words, compostable packaging is designed for sustainability because it “grows” naturally even after use. It is also easily accessible, especially when recycling takes place in commercial establishments. Studies show that adopting commercial recycling of compostable products can reduce the time required for complete composting from 180 days to a maximum of 50 days. This means that more compostable products can be produced and recycled back to the market in the shortest possible time to promote a greener world.


Don’t you want customers to associate your company with a firm stance on environmental practices? As mentioned earlier, consumers are increasingly aware of their responsibility to the environment and how they need to improve it. Having a strict approach to the impact of your products on the environment creates a positive image that makes customers loyal to your brand. Studies show that customers feel more positive and impressed when buying from a company whose packaging is made from recycled materials that can be repurposed. In fact, it is common for customers to hand over packaging for recycling in certain places after they have finished using it.


Compostable packaging and products are flexible for use in any industry. For example, if the packaging was used to pack food today, it can be recycled and used to pack toys the next time. Several companies adopting compostable packaging means that more of these products will be available for use by other industries. In other words, your business will be one of the ways to transition to healthy practices when it comes to fully protecting the environment. The more compostable materials you use, the more opportunities you create for other players in your industry to do the same.


As mentioned earlier, customers prefer to buy from brands that are aware of healthy environmental practices. You can use compostable packaging as a way to expand your market reach, thereby increasing your customer base. Expanding the customer base means higher revenue, which can result in better compensation and salaries for your employees. In other words, employee and customer satisfaction can be achieved through the adoption of compostable packaging practices. Living in a fully green world is a dream for many, and we would actually be happy to see it come true before the next generation comes along. Start today with BEBIO and you won’t regret it for a moment!

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