No matter how hard we try, we end up with a few disposable bags every day. There is nothing environmentally unfriendly in this, as long as they are made from rapidly renewable plant materials, such as potato or corn starch, and can decompose completely until they turn into humus to enrich the soil. BeBio bags are just that. Developed using BIOCARTENE, they are antistatic and antibacterial. Viruses and bacteria last no more than 20 minutes on their surface, whereas they last 24 hours on plastic bags.



For people with a responsible attitude to the environment, plastic shopping bags are scarier than manbags. Тhis applies not only to European Union, but also to those 130 and more countries that, according to the UN, have already introduced policies to regulate plastic bag use. And since they have so many and there is no shop without a shopping bag, our proposal to offer and use biodegradable and compostable shopping bags comes just in time. The degradable BeBio bag is so nice to the touch it makes people smile when they do so. Soft and almost silky, it is extremely strong and reliable provided the products are carefully arranged inside. Suitable for use in all supermarket chains and all other types of shops. Available in several categories of standard sizes that can withstand about 3, 5 and 8 kilograms, depending on the thickness of the biomass they are made from.

biodegradable bags for shopping


BeBio fruit and vegetable bags carry the hope that we can reduce environmental damage. These bags can be found everywhere – in all shops and markets, snack bars, fast food cafes and restaurants. Together with the food inside, we take them around the city, on the road, in the mountains, by the river, to the beach. Finally, we see them on YouTube videos – as impressions of colourful bags carried by the wind along with autumn leaves or as the pollution that someone has found in the belly of a sea creature. Instead, bags should be degradable and compostable. If, after shopping, it is reused to collect household biowaste, its new role will make it even more useful – once in and organic environment, it and its waste can become essential soil-enriching nutrients. Our BeBio bags can carry products weighing up to about 3 kg. Available in rolls, with or without handles. Each roll contains 300 bags. This compact form saves space in the shop and makes them easier to use.

biodegradable bags for fruit and vegetable


The bag we get when we buy medicines at the pharmacy should be associated with health – both ours and that of the planet. BeBio pharmacy bags are decomposable in an organic environment, so choosing them is easy on the conscience and completely environmentally friendly. Our pharmacy bags are also of the easy-to-use “smile” type. Sold in a cardboard dispenser box, holding 200 compactly arranged bags. Both th box and the bag can be branded with a print in up to 4 colours. By customising them with the logo of your pharmacy, product or cause, this pharmacy consumable becomes advertising and information material that falls into the hands of every pharmacy customer.

biodegradable pharmacy bags


When something is thrown away, it goes somewhere, and that may not be as far as we would like. But if rubbish bags are biodegradable, they also help break down the rubbish when it enters an organic environment. The biological waste, leaves and twigs from the garden inside will be completely decomposed together with the bag and become essential soil-enriching mixtures. It is recommended to do this in a domestic or industrial composting system that cuts the time for their complete decomposition. Through composting, BeBio products go back to nature, and through the soil, they are again involved in the cultivation of food and packaging plants. In this circular economy, many see a model for reducing climate change and saving the planet. BeBio rubbish bags are used all around us and are not only a good environmental choice, but also a practical solution, thank to the different volumes they are available in: 6.5, 10, 30, 70 and 110 litres.

biodegradable rubbish bags


Branded bags are definitely a good advertising solution for any business. Made in convenient sizes, thick enough for their intended use and with high-quality prints of logos and information, it associates a brand or product with a positive message and responsible solution to one of the biggest problems of environmental pollution. Thus, environmentally conscious consumers are satisfied with the innovation in your business and the fact that your company plays its part in saving the planet. BeBio makes sure your custom bag is strong and looks good, and all this at an affordable price even when only a few items are ordered. Contact us to discuss details and we will brand your shopping or pharmacy bag.

biodegradable bags branding

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