Choosing a cup in which to serve and consume our favourite soft and hot drinks has become an existential problem because of the fatal damage to our world caused by plastic pollution and its impact on the environment. That is why we offer our partners cups made using certified biotechnology from PLA, a plant polymer that is an excellent alternative to plastic. They decompose in an organic environment without harming nature and are ideal for the office or family picnics. The deadline set by the European Commission to end the use of disposable plastic cups is approaching. We at BeBio hope this will happen much sooner and are working on environmentally friendly proposals for replacement products made from renewable plant materials.



Disposable cups are something we have stopped noticing, only seeing the drinks inside them. This is how it should be, and it will continue if we replace plastic cups with biodegradable ones, instead of trying to deprive ourselves of the convenience that disposable packaging sometimes offers us. Consisting of renewable plant materials, once thrown away, they are decomposed by the natural action of soil microorganisms, where they turn into humus in about 90 days and support the life of new plants. In this sense, biodegradable cups are never empty. BeBio’s portfolio contains various types, shapes and volumes of cups for cold drinks in HoReCa packaging.

Biodegradable cups for cold drinks


Try counting how many disposable plastic coffee cups a person uses on average in a month. Too many, which is why Ireland has already imposed a so-called “latte tax” on every disposable coffee cup. It is a small attempt by a country to tackle plastic pollution and reduce greenhouse gas spikes in recent years. Changing consumer habits is not difficult when people are provided with decent alternatives. For us, these are biodegradable hot drinks cups in various shapes and volumes, packaged in HoReCa boxes. Developing and distributing environmentally friendly alternatives is our top priority.

Biodegradable cups for hot drinks and comfort


The biodegradable cups for cold and hot drinks featured in the BeBio catalogue can be customised for your company, service or product. Branding them with five-colour prints of a logo or message is an attractive and fun idea. This can connect the corporate responsibility policy of your brand to those eco-warrior consumers who are just as demanding as they are loyal.

biodegradable cups branding for cold and hot drinks

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