Food is a great passion. The focus is on its quality and quantity, the ways of preparation, arrangement, packaging, storage and transportation. This is where BeBio's biodegradable and compostable containers can do a good job - they are the most environmentally friendly and disposable products used in the food industry to date. They are processed through bio technology, which is due to their exceptional strength, high quality and good heat transfer. They do not emit taste and aroma in the food that is stored, transported and delivered with them. They can be used at temperatures from -25 ° C to + 200 ° C, as well as in ovens and microwave ovens for heating dishes.



Who would refuse a fresh salad for dinner, beautifully served on a plate that in a few months will feed another plant grown for salad… A circle of life that can change health and the environment. If we pay as much attention to organic packaging as we do to food, we will find ways to make it not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective. That is why the BeBio catalogue offers different sizes and shapes of biodegradable and compostable plates, mainly in large HoReCa packaging. Along with round, oval and square plates, there are also plates with partitions for dishes with sides.

biodegradable plates mainly in large HoReCa packaging


In our everyday professional lives, hot soup and fresh salad offer no surprises – they are served, transported and delivered in disposable bowls. When made of plastic, the risk of their ending up in nature and catastrophically damaging plants and animals is enormous. Especially when they enter the ocean, where experts predict there will be more plastic than fish by 2050 (if we do not do what is necessary to change the trends and forecasts of the World Economic Forum). BeBio bowls are strong and temperature resistant. They come in various shapes and volumes to meet the needs of any kitchen or food business.

biodegradable bowls for soups and salads


Sometimes we are in such a hurry, we eat on the go, barely noticing what goes into our mouths and even less what we are eating it from. Most often we do not notice the tray – the plate used by fast food restaurants, street booths and food carts. It has become a unit of measurement for a portion of fast food, but also a unit of measurement for the plastic pollution at the Black Sea bottom. BeBio trays, as well as all other biodegradable and compostable products in our catalogue, are sustainable alternatives to plastics. Made from natural plant materials to reduce environmental damage. Convenient, ergonomic and efficient for arranging and storing products. The standard of environmentally friendly packaging that we can’t help but call the right choice.

biodegradable trays


The light white disposable packaging, in which we are often served grilled meat, fried fish or chips, also has an environmentally friendly equivalent – lidded containers of sugar cane. If, after use, they end up in nature, rather than in a domestic or industrial composting system, they gradually decompose without harming plants or animals. BeBio lidded containers are made of sugar cane using biotechnology that allows them to withstand high temperatures and keep our food warm. As their lids do not make a very tight seal, this type of box is suitable for transporting and storing dry food.

biodegradable containers lidded of sugar cane


Saturday night – time to deliver food to homes around the world… Imagine how much packaging will come out of restaurants and bars, go around tables and end up in the bin just in that one night. And almost every order, other than pizza, will contain at least one transparent lidded container– the emblem of disposable packaging. Its emergence helped the food industry make a real leap forward, but it has now reached the two spinning plastic islands in the Pacific Ocean, created by disposable bottles, bags and packaging compacted together by waves and currents. Biodegradable and compostable transparent lidded containers are a solution to prevent the formation of more of these “islands”. They are made of PLA, with their lids sealing the boxes very well, enabling the storage and transport of cold dry and liquid food. They are water and oil impermeable, making them usable in various sectors of the food industry. With strength and flexibility rivalling that of plastic, biodegradable packaging containers are a great choice for transporting and delivering food from your café or restaurant.

Biodegradable lidded container

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